Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Faith in Humanity Restored!

 We all have those off days when nothing is going right and you just want to break down, start crying and go sleep till the next day- OK, maybe that's a bit dramatic but you get what I am trying to says. Let me just get into the story...

Yesterday, the English weather decided to be horrible as per usual; it was cold and windy so I was already not looking forward to the rest of the day. To make matters worse, when I got dropped off in school (college/sixth form) I realised that I had left my jacket in the house which  meant I would have to endure the terrible weather till I got home in the afternoon :(

At break time, I decided to go to the Post Office to pick up a package (I might do a blog post about it soon). Seeing as I got a lift in the morning I didn't bother trying to get change for my £20 because I thought by the time I got on the bus, the bus driver will have some change to give me.

 Well, I was wrong because when I got on the bus (to the Post Office) the bus driver didn't have any change but luckily, he let me on the bus anyway. However, on my way back to school, the bus driver didn't have change, he wouldn't let me on the bus and he told me to wait for the next bus (like what difference is that going to do? I am just going to get told the same thing anyway.) Anyway as I was getting off the bus, a nice lady offered to pay for my fare, obviously I told her that it was ok and not to worry about it but she insisted so I got on the bus and thanked her for paying for me.

 To some people this might not be something significant to take note off but just think, would you offer to pay for someone fare or has anyone ever offered to pay for you when you were in a similar situation? 


At the end of the day, mother nature decided to let the skies loose and it started raining, which was a bummer because on top of not having a jacket, I also didn't have an umbrella which meant I was going to get wet whilst I waited for the bus and walked home.

Basically my day couldn't get any worse BUT then something magical happened again (maybe am being dramatic but that's how much it made an impact on me). Whilst I was walking home in the blistering wind and rain, a completely random and amazing stranger reversed their car to offer me their umbrella.   

I know some of you might be thinking like, its just an umbrella Mel! but its the thought that matters to me. When you think about it she could have easily continued driving and not offered me her umbrella but she did and you won't find a lot of people like that everyday which is why this has really stood out to me.

I don't know what I did to deserve what happened to me yesterday but I know its not everyday when things like this happen and for that I really appreciate both women for helping me.

So that is my story for you guys, I know these actions aren't much compared to what other people out there are doing, but I still thought that I would share this with you because people like these two ladies need recognition and  appreciation to motivate other people to do the same; like I know I have been inspired and I am definitely on the look out for someone I can offer a helping hand to. 

Remember, you can do anything to help,  it doesn't have to be something big. It can be as small as asking someone if they are ok or even offering a smile; you don't realise how much of an impact that can have on someone ( I know that sounds corny, but its so true!).

Has anything similar ever happened to you? Or have you ever done something to help someone else?

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

University Wishlist

As I have mentioned before, I am planning on going to university this September (fingers-crossed)! So I have decided to make a Wishlist of things that I would LOVE to take to university.

Obviously I can't get everything on this list (hence why its called a Wishlist), but I think everything that is included would be beneficial for those of you also planning on going to university.

I am not going to include essential stuff like bedding and toothpaste because I am planning on doing a  'University Must Have' post very soon so look out for that.

Lets get started...

1. Macbook Pro Laptop:

I have one of these already but I am in love with the new version which Apple announced the other day. It just looks so sleek, slim and beautiful! I am in love with Apple products; I love the design and the colours because I think they are so versatile which means they go with everyone's style which is really good.  I think having a laptop for university is very beneficial because you don't have to be in one place to do your work; you can keep the laptop with you and whenever you feel like doing a bit of work you can just whip it out of your bag and you are good to go! I am not going to carry on talking about how good this laptop is because I can go for days but you can go on the Apple website and see all the different laptops they have (amongst other products) and get your self one.

2. iPad:

I told you I love Apple products! I think an Apple iPad is very essential for a student because they are light and slim so when you are having one of those lazy days and you don't feel like carrying a big bag with your laptop, you can just slip your iPad in your handbag and take your notes on there. A good thing about Apple product is that they can all be synced together using iCloud so when you save your notes you can then access them on your other Apple products!  


Personally I don't think there is any point in having an MacBook and a iPad but not have an iPhone. The iPhone offer all the amazing features that are available on the laptop and iPad so why limit yourself? If you haven't already got one - like me, sadly :(. Get yourself nice contract at the start of the year and you are all set to go. Make sure you buy a nice case to protect the phone though because it is delicate and people do scratch and crack their screen very easily.


Here comes another Apple product! Everyone needs an iPod; these are very good for someone who is a student and like me likes to listen to music whilst doing their work! This is so weird but I find it more quieter and easier to concentrate when I listen to music than listen to background nattering and the constant typing on the keyboard. Another good thing about having an iPod is that you can save all your music on there and save space on your phone and other devices and use the other space for other things.

5.Beats by Dre:

You don't understand how much I have wanted a pair of Dre beats. I don't even care that none is as hyped about them anymore, I still want a pair and I think these will be so good at university for those times where you just want to block everything out and concentrate on your assignments or when you want to have your music on but you can't have it on loud because your dorm mates are studying or something.

6. Nutribullet:

I have heard so much hype about this product and I want one like now. It not really expensive from what I have seen which is good. This would be beneficial to take to university not only for those watching their weight or trying to be more healthy like me. I think its a good product in general as it enables you to make healthier and tasty smoothies which is good because if you are like me and you can't handle healthy nastiness then you should probably get one too.

7.Michael Kors Watch:

To be honest with you it doesn't even have to be a MK watch, I just want a watch in general. I honestly don't remember ever properly owning a watch. I remember I received a watch for one of my birthdays from my cousins and I broke it within a month. My mom later gave me one of her watches and to be honest if you asked me how many times I have ever worn it the answer would be NEVER but I think its high time that I have a watch. They just look so nice and are so convenient when you don't have your phone or your phone is dead.

8.The White Company Candles:

These are one of those things that you buy but you don't want to use because its just perfect! I honest would buy a whole load of these and never use them and and just use them for decoration. I just think they add a bit of class and elegance into the room. I love them, you guys should definately check them out if you haven't already, they smell divine! 

9.Victoria Secret Hoddie & Jogger:

I have been getting into Victoria Secret lately but am not the only one cause I have been seeing their products everywhere! But I just think the hoodies and jogger would be good for university, especially for them days when you aren't doing much and just lounging around in your accomodation. Plus, they just look really nice and girly, so you can be bummy and still look nice and stylish.

10.Victoria Secret Bath Robe & Cozy Slippers:
Carrying on with the VS products, I would love to have their bathrobe and cozy slippers. They just look so soft and comfortable. Omg I just want it already, it would look so nice with all my new bath stuff. They have different colours so you can get the ones you want to match with your other stuff so you it looks nice all together and you'll just feel nice wearing it after a long nice bath/shower.

11.Ipanema Flip Flop:

If you are one of those people who have to wear flip flops when getting out the bath because you hate wet slipper, then you'll love these flip-flops. There is a website called Ipanema.uk.com, they introduce the new designs every season with the largest range of flip-flops , sandals and wedges. Their Flip-flops are amazing, they are so comfy and they are of good quality too, you don't understand. Although, I would mainly use them for bath times, they are good for the summer as well when you go to the beach with your friends or when you go swimming at the gym. These are also really good because they come in different colours and they have designs to suit both men and women - I am very picky with my colours so thats a huge bonus. My favourite ones I have seen are the Ipanema Bicycle, I like the design on these because they remind me of France a little bit and I like the colours especially the pink because it goes with my towels and my robe, and its only for £20! how good is that? I just thought I would share with you guys this shop because I thought it was really amazing, you can go and check it out and maybe get a pair of flip-flops as well if you like them. If you order from the UK you can get free delivery if you order 3 pairs and only £3.50 if you buy less pair. When you place your order you will also receive an email to verify your order and a link for you to track and see where your order is, which is quite good if you ask me. If you do get a pair please let me know which pair you got (you can leave a link so I can check them out).

12.Jack Willis Weekend Bag
I have wanted one of these Jack Willis Bags for age, I just think that they would be amazing for university, especially for those weekends where you want to go home or to the library and all you want to have in your bag is your laptop, headphone, your phone , books, your folder and a few other little bits.

Are you going to University? If you are already there or have already been, what did you take with you? Let me know in the comment section below.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Coconut Oil!

 So today I thought I would talk about Coconut Oil, how I use it and the benefits I have got from using it. Everyone who knows me know that I live and breath Coconut Oil. I love it, I can use it for anything everyday, It smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and its not expensive which is a bonus.
I love using Coconut oil on my Hair as a deep conditioner hair mask, on my face as a moisturiser and as a body oil.

For my Hair all I do is apply a moderate amount to my towel dried hair and leave it on my hair for up to a couple of hours and then rinse it out well.  I sometimes also use it as part of my routine when my hair feels dry to help restore the moisture, leaving my hair looking healthy, soft and silky. (The amount you use depends on the amount of hair you have but don't use too much!)

For my Face I mix the Coconut Oil with some sugar until I get the consistency that I like to make a  face scrub. This helps especially when  my skin is in dire need of moisture. I also mix honey to the mixture, heat it until warm and use it as a moisturising face mask.

I also use Coconut Oil oil on its own on my face as a night serum and on my lips. By the next morning, my face and my lips are soft and moisturised.
 I  use the Coconut-sugar scrub which I use for my face as a body scrub when my skin feels dehydrated. I find that this is very effective when I use it frequently as it ensures that my skin stays moisturised and very soft.  I then follow this with a body butter which I make by mixing Coconut oil, Olive Oil and Shea Butter. This is amazing especially if you have dry skin.

I know that you can use Coconut Oil for oil pulling.This is where you swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This  supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health.

 I have never done this before but I am going to start and let you guys know how how that goes. If any of you have done this or are doing this, I would love to hear about your experiences and any benefits you have got from doing it.

There are so many other beneficial uses for Coconut Oil, but these are some of  the ones that I use. I definitely recommend that you guys try them out and look up other uses or think of some on your own!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hiya! Welcome to my Blog

Hi guys! My name is Mellisa (Mel for short). I am 18 years old. I love being part of a community and I think that having a Blog is a good way in which I can do that.

On this Blog, I am going to share my different life experiences, I am going to Uni soon! so that will be something fun to talking to you guys about. I am currently on a natural hair journey, so I'll be sharing with you all the tips and ideas that work for me which you guys might like and try out. I am also on a health journey at the moment so I will be trying out different weight loss regimes, and trying out new recipes and sharing them with you guys so you can have a go at them as well. I will obviously also talk to you guys about other things that I like varying from controversial subjects, beauty, fashion amongst other and my opinions on products that I like that you guys might be interested in. But most of all I just want to have fun with it and I hope that you come along and enjoy it with me! I hope you find this blog, useful, fun and interesting! 
I would also love to hear what you guys have to say about the things I post on here and any ideas and advise you guys might also have, so I'll be reading and responding to all the comments you guys leave me. You can also get in touch with me on the contact details below.

You can also find me on:

Email: mellisanyengerai@gmail.com

Twitter: @Mellisavimbai